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The e-World of Sherlock Holmes provides reviews and descriptions of computer products related to Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  This includes e-texts of the Holmes stories, electronic archives of Sherlockian magazines, fiction and nonfiction e-books, and many types of software programs.  It covers products that are currently being sold and gives information on older ones as well.


Whether it's on Compact Disc or DVD, in PDF or plain ASCII text, for Windows or for Macintosh, these pages aim to be the definitive reference on Sherlockian computer products.  They will inform you about what's been produced, what's currently available, and what's worth buying.  Besides a basic description, there will be an in-depth review for many items and comparisons/roundups for some categories.





Holmes eBooks

The Sherlock Holmes stories have been converted into a number of computerized text formats.  Some of these are intended for casual reading while others have included special features to assist in doing textual research and analysis.  The Holmes eBooks section will include a history of the Computerized Canon, in-depth reviews, an Editor's Choice roundup comparison, and an e-text review guide.   It is currently under construction.


Other Conan Doyle eTexts

Professor Challenger and Brigadier Gerard are also famous characters created by Conan Doyle, who wrote on many subjects besides Sherlock Holmes.  This section on Other Conan Doyle eTexts will include all the computerized editions of other fiction and nonfiction written by Conan Doyle.



Some major Sherlockian periodicals have been turned into electronic archives.  This gives you access to hard-to-find back issues and can greatly simplify searching for information.  The eJournals section includes reviews of the digital archives for The Baker Street Journal, the Sherlock Holmes Journal (e-SHJ), the Complete Baker Street Miscellanea, and more.


Reference Material

The Reference Material section includes electronic versions of traditional items such as encyclopedias, bibliographies, checklists, dictionaries, and indexes.  It also includes biographies, databases and other nonfiction material related to Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle.  See the Reference Materials section for information on Sherlockian Heraldry and an index to Canadian Holmes.



The Fiction section will include pastiches, parodies, and other fictional material involving Sherlock Holmes or Conan Doyle.  It is currently under construction.



The Software section will include applications, screen-savers, fonts, and utilities.  It is currently under construction.



The Games section will include computer games and videogames involving Holmes.   It is currently under construction.


Info for Publishers and Readers


Site Scope

The eWorld of Sherlock Holmes covers products that work on a standalone computer.  These might optionally involve the Internet but need to be usable and useful while offline.  See the complete list of products.  For Internet products and resources, I suggest checking Chris Redmond's site.  Many reviews for Holmes books and related material can be found at Mia Stampe's Some Poor Bibliophile site.



Please contact me if your product is not listed in the e-World of Sherlock Holmes or if you want me to review your product.  This site includes historical information as well as new products, so be sure to let me know about backlist and out-of-print/obsolete items.  I will correct any factual errors and will reconsider my reviews if I get new information.



If you have or know about products that should be listed on this site, please contact me.  I welcome all comments and suggestions.  The number prior to the listing for each item is used for cross-referencing and indicates the order of citation on this site, beginning with "1001."  For example, the BSJ CD-ROM is noted as "E1001."  See the complete list of products.


About the Reviews

These reviews are independent and reflect my personal judgment.  I am not paid for the reviews on this website.


About the Reviewer

My reviews are based on many years of experience in the technology industry and a life-long interest in Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes.  I've done high-tech product management and marketing at companies like Hewlett-Packard, 3Com, Global Village Communication, and  This work included competitive market research and evaluating literally hundreds of tech products.  I've defined and developed many commercial software products, including the award-winning GlobalFax software, which shipped more than a million copies.


My technology writing experience includes a booklet on e-mail, "The World of Messaging," as well as numerous user guides, data sheets, white papers, press releases, and other marketing materials.  In the Sherlockian world my papers have appeared in The Baker Street Journal and at conferences at Harvard and the University of Minnesota.  I'm currently working on a book about Conan Doyle's writings.


Rating Scale

My rating approach uses a five-step scale and applies to both the product's capability and its price.


Other Topics


This site contains other Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes information.  See pages on Beeton's Christmas Annual, Conan Doyle Manuscripts, the best Sherlock Holmes stories, Sherlockian books for sale, and more.






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