The Best of Sherlock Holmes


Top-10 Lists for The Best of Sherlock Holmes


It isn't easy to determine "what's best," but these lists represent some of the most comprehensive efforts ever made to identify these Sherlockian superlatives. The lists also include references to a variety of publications with more information on the topic.


The Best Sherlock Holmes Stories

Conan Doyle chose his Top 12 Holmes stories as part of a 1927 contest in the Strand Magazine. Sherlockian scholars have selected the best stories on a number of occasions from 1944 to 1999.


The Year's Best Sherlock Holmes Items & Gifts for 2017

Lists best choices for new Holmes fans and the top new 2017 items for long-time Sherlockians, including books, DVDs, and more.


The Best Sherlock Holmes Books & DVDs of 2016

Reviews of the best Holmes books and DVDs released in 2016.


Best Sherlock Holmes books and DVDs / Blu-ray from other years

Links to all reviews starting with 2009.


The Best Untold Tales of Sherlock Holmes

Dr. Watson mentioned many cases in the original stories that were never published. Finally a 2003 poll identified the most interesting untold tales.


The Most Famous Quotations from the Holmes Stories

It's elementary that there are many excellent passages in the Holmes stories. These are most famous ones of all time.


The Most Quotable Sherlock Holmes Stories

While all of the Holmes stories are precious, some are especially significant sources of famous sayings.


The Best Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes Movies

Rathbone made 14 Holmes films, and this list identifies the best of them along with movie and DVD details.







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